“We want to dedicate the deserved attention to the new frontiers of aesthetic medicine, strengthening technological progress by developing highly innovative devices, combined with effective methodologies in continuous evolution. Our key words are: competence, courtesy, quality, sinergy and effectiveness.”

- Giancarlo Millevolte, CEO GMV Srl

About GMV srl

GMV is an Italian company that develops advanced technologies for aesthetic and medical use. Established in 2000 by a group of specialists in designing and producing electro medical devices, it developed and optimized a fine technology for the “Non-ablative (or Soft) Surgery”. With its strong presence in the Italian market, GMV in the last year has also opened its channels in Europe and in the rest of the world, participating to many Congresses and Events around the Globe. (Read more)

About Soft Surgery

Non Ablative Surgery is a medical-surgical practice, which is non invasive, bloodless, reliable and safe, easy to perform and without risks, not for the patient, nor for the operator. In fact, the term “Non Ablative” was added to distinguish this practice from the traditional surgery (which is typically bloody, and in some cases invasive): the results are the same as with the traditional one, but with no need to recur to local anesthesia and without leaving any scar. (Read more)

About our Devices

All of our devices have been developed and created keeping in mind our philosophy of Soft Surgery, as an integration or alternative to the traditional surgery. With our devices it is possible to perform aesthetic treatments in a safe way, without invasivity, negative outcomes and long downtimes. In our range of produtcts there are: Plexr, Needle Shaping, Vibrance, OFF, Carbomax, RF Plus Med, Sonik, GenioLed, Stone. (Read more)

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Visit the GMV Official YouTube Channel Plexr’s technology has been developed by GMV and is patented internationally.
The methodology / technique of use has been thought by GMV and others experts in several years of researches and clinical studies, in Italy and Worldwide.

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