GMV is an Italian company that develops advanced technologies for aesthetic and medical use.
Established in 2000 by a group of specialists in designing and producing electro medical devices, it developed and optimized a fine technology for the “Non-ablative (or Soft) Surgery”.
Since then, the procedures in the production of technologically advanced devices have been developed and optimized by GMV, resulting in an innovative, effective and safe technology.

GMV’s corporate mission is to create a new concept in cosmetic medicine and in surgery, providing doctors with the last generation tools and the certainty of medical-scientific researches documented and performed by prestigious Italian and International Universities.

With its strong presence in the Italian market, GMV in the last year has also opened its channels in Europe and in the rest of the world, highlighting two of its most successful devices: Plexr and Vibrance.
GMV knows the importance of a correct training in order to obtain the best results. Trainings are available within the Company and Worldwide, and are composed of:
  • Specialization courses on the methodologies and applications with the continuously evolving devices.
  • Theory and practice courses at different levels for doctors, in collaboration with GMV’s main clinical referents.
  • A continuous update, structured in the perspective of creating a bijective correspondence of doctor-company interchange.
  • Certificates of attendance issued.

GMV devices are certified EC 0051 as medical devices (93/42/EEC).
The certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 have been gained as a further confirmation of the quality and competence that have always characterized our corporate policies. Lately our products have gained also the KFDA approval, confirming the quality, safety and reliability of our production.
GMV intends to continue the development of this policy, aimed at achieving the highest qualitative levels, in the production phases as in the commercial, organizational, marketing and customer care levels.
We are also aware that the certifications represent a starting point for the company in the direction of a continuous improvement, achievable with commitment, constancy and with the collaboration of our clientele, with particular attention to customer satisfaction.

GMV’s commercial network avails itself of the expertise of three national area managers, 30 direct sales agents and many medical consultants on the Italian territory.
A wide range of international exclusive distributors has developed GMV’s sales channels in the last years. Nowadays Plexr, our diamond product, is sold in more than 40 Countries around the globe, a number that is rapidly increasing thanks to our strong commercial and marketing activities in international events and congresses, and to the incredible medical results spread in the medical field through doctor’s trust and word of mouth.

A considerable investment both in financial and human resources terms is dedicated by GMV to research and development activities: a culture that enables GMV to tackle every new challenge with the right skills and competences, for a constant growth and strong competitiveness in the Market.
Quality is also our main strength: GMV designs and assembles the various devices in respect of not only the Community regulations, but also directly carrying out the quality control on all of the devices produced, guaranteeing quality and reliability, the symbols of the true Made in Italy.