The Power of Plasma Exeresi


The device

Is a device without any cable or electrical contact, it is easy to handle, ergonomic and high performance.

This is the only device capable of performing non-ablative surgical procedures.

The device, dedicated to specialists in this sector, can be used instead of or in synergy with laser, radio-scalpel, pulsed light and radio frequency. Differently from these tools, PLEXR uses the fourth state of matter: Plasma.

With plasma, tissues “sublimate” (direct passage from the solid to the gaseous state of matter), avoiding unnecessary heating in the surrounding or underlying tissues of the area to be treated.

The “Non-Ablative Surgery” performed by Plexr, can be summarized in three fundamental phases:

1. The difference in (GAP) potential between Plexr’s hand-piece and the skin represents the area where the voltaic arc will take place.

2. In this GAP the gasses in the air are ionized, thus Plasma is generated.

3. The tissues touched by Plasma “sublime” without heat transfer to other unwanted tissues.



- Blepharoplasty, dynamic and non surgical

- Face and body lift

- Omphalo lifting

- Acne treatments

- Removal of: fibromas, naevi, verrucas, cheloids, xanthelasma, dyskeratosis

- Correction of post-acne and other scars

- Treatment of distended periumbilical striation

- Wrinkles treatment

- Tattoo removal

- Plexr “off-label”: bio-stimulation

PLX - blepharoplasty