What is Soft Surgery
Soft Surgery (also known as Non Ablative Surgery) is a medical-surgical practice, which is non invasive, bloodless, reliable and safe, easy to perform and without risks, not for the patient, nor for the Doctor. In fact, the term “Non Ablative” was added to distinguish this practice from the traditional surgery (which is typically bloody, and in some cases invasive): the results are the same as with the traditional one, but with no need to recur to hard anesthesia and without leaving any scar.

Nowadays more and more patients and Doctors ask for less invasive and more natural solutions against blemishes and ageing processes. Our Soft Surgery Devices are the final solution for these needs, not only because of their “soft” applications, but also for their incredible results.

The future is results without unnecessary pain.
The future is GMV’s Soft Surgery Devices.
GMV Soft Surgery devices can perform different micro-surgical and aesthetic operations in a wide range of medical applications.
Top treatments list (more details are available in the pages dedicated to the device):
PLEXR (Plasma Exeresis):
- Non surgical dynamic blepharoplasty
- Wrinkles treatment
- Removal of naevi, fibromas, neoformations
- Xanthelasma removal
- Tattoo removal
- Volume increase and reconstruction of lips and cheekbones thanks to collagen auto transplantation
- Natural filler without injections
- Lifting effect on face, body and neckline
OFF (Fractionated Flow Waves):
- Telangiectasias and angiomas
- Micro lipo plastic surgery
Thanks to each product’s versatility, the range of fields of application is extremely wide, making of
GMV’s devices the preferred instrument in:
aesthetic medicine
plastic surgery
Clinical Studies
Being in the field of aesthetic medicine from more than ten years, GMV widely tested and proved the efficacy of its Soft Surgery devices, thanks to the collaboration with many important Universities in Italy (Università di Camerino, Università di Modena, Università di Roma Tor Vergata and La Sapienza), Greece (University of Athens), Spain (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Missisipi - Madrid, Universidad de Alcalá - Madrid, Universidad de Barcelona) and well known Doctors around the Globe.
Scientific papers, clinical studies and detailed scientific material is available on this website on the “Press” section.
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